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One of the Easiest and Most Profitable Home Based Business Opportunities Ever!

There are a multitude of Business opportunities on the market today. So many in fact, it's virtually impossible to choose the one that's right. More often  than not new Entrepreneurs will jump from one program to another in an effort to make a quick dollar. This leads to nothing more than a complete waste of time and energy , loss of money, and disappointment. You need a good program that you can easily build into a successful, profitable business. So how do you know a good business opportunity when you see it? The answer is quite simple! "You Don't! There is no magic formula for choosing a profitable program. However, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure success. First of all, you need a mentor, Someone to teach, and guide you in the right direction. And secondly, you must have a program with mass appeal, something the majority of people need or want, and are willing to pay to get. The one I'm about to introduce to you here has been making ordinary, everyday  people rich for years. It has all the requirements needed for financial success and Independence. Now it's your turn to become wealthy!

  • Highly Profitable
  • Little or No Start-Up Cost
  • No Inventory to Buy
  • Simple and Easy to do
  • Little or No Risk
  • You Are The Boss
  • Minimal Work
  • No Employees to Pay
  • You Make The Decisions

Every month thousands of Opportunity Seekers lose money on various types of rip-off programs. When you consider the number of entrepreneurs worlwide that have been scammed each year, you are talking  a phenomenal amount of money. This program has nothing to do with "Chain Letters, Pyramid Schemes, Envelope Stuffing, Product Assembly, or any  kind of MLM programs." What I'm about to reveal to you is a genuine, straight forward, easy to follow home based business. It's simple, easy to do, highly profitable, and can provide you with many years of "Financial Security and Independence." It can be worked from anywhere in the world. You don't need any special education or previous Business experience to take advantage of this fantastic offer. You are guided step by step all the way. If you can read and follow instructions, the rest is easy. You can work  Part-Time or Full-time from the comfort and convenience of your own home, at your own pace. There's no Boss telling you what to do or how to do it. You own the business, and you and you alone make all the decisions. It takes very little work to make your business a financial success. Eight hours a week can give you a well above average income. There's no inventory to keep, and you can reproduce your product for pennies per cost and make incredible profits.

The amount of money you make is limited only to the depth of your imagination.
"Give A Man A Fish, You Will Feed Him For A Day
But Teach Him How To Fish, And You Will Feed Him For A Lifetime"
 No doubt you've been waiting a long time for the perfect Home Based Business to come along. "Rags To Riches" is such a program! It is inexpensive, highly in demand, and priced at a give away deal in comparison to similar programs. This kind of program is easily being sold for $99 and more. But you cost is much less than that! You can operate your business from anywhere that has a Postal Service, or where you can get access to a computer with Internet capabilities. You can work from your kitchen table, or any organized space in your home. A computer can save you a lot of time and money but is not a necessity. This program performs well by direct mail and/or email. It is a proven winner.

"RAGS TO RICHES" is one program where you don't have to worry about competition. Every month there are 1000's of new people coming online. The potential customers, and earning power of this product is virtually unlimited. This program is an excellent money-maker for the new entrepreneurs starting out, It has the power to make the poor wealthy, and to make the rich wealthier.


 This is not a "GET RICH QUICK" scheme, but a genuine Home Based Business Opportunity that can provide you with Financial Security and Independence for many years to come. A legitimate Business you'll be proud to own! A Business where you acquire the knowledge to become successful, and your training materials is also your product. You gain the knowledge needed to become a successful business person, and make money as you go!


"RAGS TO RICHES" consists of twelve manuals containing valuable Business information. Each volume is an instructional course  with essential information needed to build a successful home based business. With each volume you buy, you get the reprint rights to reproduce and sell that manual. There are twelve installments of $29 each month for a period of twelve months. The first manual is designed to get you started selling immediately. Everything you need to begin your business is in the first lesson. There is no obligation on your part to continue the program, you may quit at any time. No matter how many customers you get, you still pay the regular cost of $29 for each additional manual.  No matter if you generate $5000 a month, you still only pay $29 for your next volume, the rest is yours to keep. "Rags To Riches" is priced lower than any comparable product you will ever come across. The average selling price for this type of material will range in anywhere from $49 up to $99 per manual. Some charge as high as $150 for their manuals. Most people either cannot afford to spend this much money, or they are skeptical about the whole idea and won't take the chance of losing their investment. Rags To Riches is priced affordably to give every serious entrepreneur a fair deal, giving them the knowledge, and the product to build their own successful home based business. It has a proven track record, and as it's been doing for others in the past, it can now be the answer to all your financial needs.

 Similar programs are offering a thirty day free trial. There is a major problem with this method of selling. Here's what happens! The first Manual is free. Additional manuals are priced anywhere from $49 up to $99 each for a period of 12 or 24 months, depending on the program. You receive your free Manual and begin promoting it in classified ads, newsgroups etc... You are also advertising a "FREE MANUAL." You start getting responses to your ads. In a short time you have "X" number of people on your potential customer list. You keep records of  all who requested a copy of the manual. Then your 30 days are up, you get a follow up letter from your supplier requesting money before he/she can send you the next manual. You decide to wait a little longer on your prospects, hoping they will send you money  for their  next manual, then you can send the money to your supplier for volume II. This way there's no cost to you because your customer has paid for your second manual, so you're in business for free. When your prospective customers 30 days are up, you send them a reminder to pay their money in order to get the next manual. And most likely they are doing the same  with their potential customers. By now there could be hundreds of people, all waiting for their prospects to pay for the next manual. Everyone is waiting to get that first payment, but it never happens. There's a stalemate! Nobody wants to make that first initial payment out of pocket. So what do you do? You can't sell the contents of the free manual because it is copyrighted material, nobody wants to purchase the next manual out of their own pocket, and now you won't send for the second manual because you think it's not a good seller because nobody's ordering from you. You think you'll be just wasting your time and money on another worthless program. So there's nothing left but to trash the project and move on to something else.

Fact is, people are dreaming if they hope to get a profitable business going for free. Anything worthwhile involves some sort of investment. If it were free, it wouldn't be a business. The whole idea of the free trial offer was to show that people do respond well to this type of opportunity, and  the program would be a good investment, a genuine opportunity to make some real money. For this reason  "Rags To Riches" comes with a low price tag. It's affordable to virtually everyone. By eliminating the free thirty day trial offer, we get people who are genuinely interested in starting a profitable home based business, and not put their future on hold by waiting for someone else to act. Instead of wasting your precious time, we have priced our product affordably to allow you to start making money from the beginning. You must take the bull by the horns and do what's best for you. If you want to succeed in this business you have to act on your own instincts. It takes money to make money, and with the Rags To Riches program it takes very little money to make a lot.

I can write volumes of reasons why you should take advantage of this fantastic money-making opportunity. In the end it all comes down to one final thing, "A way for you to build a successful, financial future in the mail order business, without costing you an arm and a leg to begin."  However  It's something you must want to do. It is not a "GET RICH QUICK" scheme. Those who think they can get rich overnight in this business are seriously fooling themselves. There is such a thing we call Mail Order Lottery. This is when someone introduces a product or service that becomes an instant success, virtually overnight. The chances of this happening are few and far between. If you are to succeed in mail order, or any business, you have to do it gradually. "Rags To Riches" will provide you with the knowledge and tools to allow you to build a highly successful business that will steadily grow month after month  providing an above average income for many years to come. You can be as big, or as small as you want. If you are serious about making your mark in this business you must become a leader, not a  follower. Be confident in yourself, and in the program you promote. This is your chance to make a difference. Opportunity don't only knock once, it knocks many times, but for one reason or another some of us refuse to let it in. Don't wait a minute longer, open the door to success today. Act Now!  

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