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Rags to Riches!!!!

Thank you for requesting information on this Easy and Highly Profitable Home Based Business, or for sending information on your own opportunity. This could very well be the most important information you will ever read regarding your future "Financial Success and Independence." It can literally change your financial life forever should you decide to take advantage of this offer. This business is extremely profitable and can be operated from anywhere in the world by direct mail and/or email. There's no personal selling of any kind, and you can work it easily from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This is an ideal business where you, and you alone have complete control. You are the Boss, and have to answer to no one. No longer will you have to rely on others to supply the product you need to stay in operation. You can own and control the product yourself There are a multitude of Business Opportunities on the market today. Some are profitable, many are not. Every month 1000's of entrepreneurs lose money on one type of opportunity or another. How do you know a good opportunity from a bad one? The answer is simple,you dont! What I'm about to reveal here is A genuine, easy, straight forward, and highly profitable home based business that has made a fortune for a lot of ordinary, everyday people like yourself. This program is called "RAGS TO RICHES," and its selling capabilities are largely enhanced by the power of Internet marketing. Although it is still a powerful program to sell by direct mail, online marketing will cut your expenses to nil. Allowing you to pocket the extra money you save on stationary, printing, copying, postage, office supplies, and various other related costs. You can send your product to customers via email. The whole world is your selling field! I'm sure you've seen all those how to make a Million, and Get Rich Quick schemes being advertised. If you are serious about becoming successful you must forget about those programs and concentrate on building your business from the ground up. They promise wealth but all you ever get is disappointment and a few dollars lighter. There's no magic pill you can take for success, if there was I certainly would have found it. To save yourself a lot of time, money, and disappointment you are much better off by following a program with a proven track record for success. Finally your search for such a program is over. "Rags To Riches" can help you build a solid, above average income for years to come. It will provide you with the essential tools and ability to achieve a real, lasting, successful business you will be proud to own. An ideal home based business should provide the opportunity to earn a high income with little investment or risk. The hours should be flexible to suit your schedule, and the office is located conveniently in your own home. There are no employees to pay, and no inventory to keep. You are in control of its activities, and you alone make the decisions. All the profits are yours to keep, and the product should be something your customers can only get from you exclusively. Something they need to keep their own business going. The "Rags To Riches" program can do all this, and solve your income needs in only a few short weeks. Your business will be so much easier if you market with a computer, but it's not a necessity. You can operate it from your kitchen table or any organized space in your home. "Rags To Riches" is designed to get you started in the lucrative email or mail order business. There are 12 manuals at a cost of $29 each. Each manual will help you increase your income step by step. Payments are made in 12 monthly installments for a total cost of $348. You send twenty-nine dollars for the first manual, and continue to purchase one manual every month thereafter until you acquire the entire collection. Every manual you buy will give you the reproduction rights. There is no obligation to stay in the program. You may quit at anytime. You need only one customer a month to pay for your manual, everything you make after that is profit. Whether you make $50 or $5000 a month you still only send $29 for each manual. The rest is yours! Manuals similar to this are selling for as much as $99 each. Your first manual will give you everything you need to know to start making money immediately, and generate an excellent income that will grow continually as the months go by. In less than three months you should have a steady stream of income that will amaze you. Not only are these manuals your instruction course, but they are also your product. You learn, and make money as you go. Work only 8 hrs. a week and you will have a highly profitable ongoing home based business. The more time you spend promoting your product, the more responses you will get, and the more money you will make. You can have hundreds of dollars arriving in your mailbox every day. Now you can turn those seemingly impossible dreams into vivid reality. Have the success and financial freedom that most people only dream about. It's yours for the taking! The "Rags To Riches" manuals thoroughly cover mail order and email marketing strategies and secrets. Each month you will receive detailed information on a variety of ways to substantially increase your income. Although your primary products are the manuals themselves, they are also a highly beneficial source of wealth building information for you. The greatest friend to any entrepreneur in running a highly successful, profitable business, is "knowledge. "Rags To Riches" will give you up to date money-making information and secrets to help you build, and grow in a short period of time with a minimum amount of work or effort. You will discover ways to turn your business into a virtual money-making machine. You need no special skills or education to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. If you know how to read, and follow instructions, you can be successful in this business. Everything is already done for you. You get your own private learning course and your product all rolled into one. You can start doing business immediately just as soon as you receive your first manual. There's no obligation on your part to continue in the program. You can quit at anytime, and owe nothing. But if you do decide to quit, there's one important factor you should consider: You will have started an income stream of customers that will come to you every month for their next manual. I doubt that this will be a problem once you see how many responses and sales your product will generate in a short time. In order to be successful most individuals need a mentor. Someone to teach and guide them in the right direction. If you are serious about starting, or expanding an existing business, I will help you every step of the way. You can work this business anywhere in the world where you have access to a postal service, or a computer with Internet capabilities. We were always taught to go to school, get an education, and get a good job with some successful business entity. Those who did follow this advice soon realized that they will never become rich working for someone else. There are those who are satisfied with the money they are making now, but the majority want, and know they can achieve more. They realize the best chance to reach their financial goals is to start their own business. "Rags To Riches" manuals will help you achieve your goals in two distinctive ways. They are an easy, and highly profitable product to sell by mail order,and a valuable resource of money-making information you can use in your own business activities. Start now and soon you will have a lucrative home based business of your own. If you can devote only 8 hours a week to building your business you will achieve an ongoing successful operation that will reward you for many years to come. Email is the perfect way to send manuals to your customers, it's fast, and you will save a fortune on printing, and postage costs. In addition you will save an enormous amount of time in preparation. Each one of your customers will buy into the "Rags To Riches" program the same as you. In return for their monthly subscription you simply reproduce this letter, the manuals, and all the information I supply to you, and you send it to them. All instructions are completely detailed on an easy to follow, monthly basis. This is a business you will be proud to own. I honestly want to help you succeed. Your success is my success. When you work with me you will experience complete satisfaction that goes along with owning a respectable business. The thirst for information is virtually unlimited, this knowledge has contributed to making many millionaires out of ordinary people like you. The same Knowledge that you can now learn, and provide to others! To order "Rags To Riches" volume I, simply print and send the order form below. Please indicate if you want your manual sent by email or, regular Post.Your Manual will be sent immediately upon receipt of payment. For More Information Please Visit Our Website At We have a Reseller Program Free to join and you can place a free classified ad with Linja Free Classifieds.           Warmest Regards: James R. Yetman               Email:  Please Print this Order Form and send   --------------------------------------------- Please Rush my copy of "Rags To Riches" Volume I at US$29. If ordering by regular Post please add $6. for postage and handling. If you want your Manual sent by Email Please Include your email address. Please Ensure Code#2050 is Included On This Form: If You order from our Website Include this Code# with your ordering information before sending. Date:____________ Code# 2050 Name: _________________________ Address: __________________________________ City: _____________________________________ State/Prov: _______ Country: ______________ Zip/Postal Code: __________________ Email Address:_____________________ Please make Payment of Cheque - or Money Order payable to: Thank You In Advance For Your Order!                   James R. Yetman     PO Box 26, Site 5, RR.1 Bryants Cove, NF.,Canada A0A 3P0

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